Friday, November 23, 2012

What are China beads?

rhinestone skull beads from China beads factory

China is one of the largest jewelry beads source since 1990 year. From the end of last century, many beads factories set up in the mainland of China. Now, many jewelry beads importers order variety of China beads from Chinese beads factory. So what are Chinabeads? Pandora beads usually with large hole, turkey jewelry beads are with eyes on it…and is there a feature for China beadsAt present maybe no. Because there are many different styles of beads make in China, now most people agree that beads make in China are called China beads.
banded rhinestone shamballa beads
from China beads factory

There fore, if you want to order China beads, how to dot that? How to find the China beads you need?
large Chinese cut crystal beads
from China Beads factory
First, you should know what material of China beads need. According to different material of China beads, we can found crystalchina beads, glass pearl china beads, acrylic china beads, resin china beads, ccb china beads, rhinestone china beads, stone china beads, crackle glass chinabeads, metal china beads, millieiori china beads, lampwork glass china beads, cats eye china beads,

After you design the material of China beads, you should choose the shapes/sizes/colors of China beads. Then, you will find the Chinabeads you looking for from the Chinabeads factory.

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