Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Shoes with China Beads

In the 21st century, China beads not only for jewelry, but also for shoes decoration, garment decoration...

shoes decorate with rondelle
china beads
Last weekend, I went to the shoes market to buy shoes, high-heeled shoes still be a fashion trend in the Guangzhou, China shoes market. There are many nice design of shoes in the shops, and i found there are many shoes decorate with nice china beads this year.

fashion shoes with rondelle
 crystal china beads
Rondelle crystal beads have been a popular bead since 2010 year in the China beads market. This rondelle beads seems very hot in the shoes market. Some shoes decoration with the rondelle crystal beads in front of the shoes, while some shoes with the rondelle crystal beads in the back. Further more, some shoes beaded with the rondelle crystal beads.
shoes with pearl china beads and rhinestone china beads
Besides the rondelle crystal beads, imitate pearl beads, such as glass pearl beads, plastic pearl beads also popular in the shoe market. Many shoes designers design shoes with pearls.

shoes with China beads
Also, cabochons, rhinestones, resin cabochons are a fashion factor for shoes ornaments. 

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  1. amazing beadwork nice shoes too..i have one of these aside from my collection of movies from