Thursday, November 29, 2012

how to order rhinestone rondelle beads from China beads factory

rhinestone rondelle beads from
China beads factory
Rondelle beads, also called as tyre beads because the shape of these beads looks like a tyre. Rondelle beads are spacers used to separate decorative beads and jewelry findings. China beads factory make many different style of rondelle beads, such as rhinestonerondelle beads, lampwork rondelle beads, crystal rondelle beads, large hole rondelle beads, metal rondelle beads, plastic rondelle beads… Rhinestone rondelle beads have been widely use in jewelry market since 1999. Also, there are many different designs of rhinestone rondelle beads, if you want to order rondelle rhinestone beads, how to talk with the beads factory?

Tell the China beads factory the size of rondelle rhinestone beads you need- mainly the diameter of the rondelle beads.
flower rondelle rhinestone beads
from China beads factory

Besides the sizes, you should also tell the beads factory the shape of the rondelle rhinestone beads, such as small hole or large hole, and the edge of the rhinestone beads. Though rondelle rhinestone beads are in the tyre shape, the edge can be make in different – now, there are many two edges for the rondelle rhinestone beads- the flower shape and round shape.

large hole rondelle rhinestone beads
from China beads factory
Further more, the color of rhinestone rondelle beads is very important. Rhinestone rondelle beads including two parts – the metal and stones. For the metal, we can choose gold plated color, silver plated color, copper plated color, gun black plated colors. Regarding the stones, we can refer the Chinese crystal beads colors. Because there are usually more than one stones on one rhinestone rondelle beads, so you can not only choose same color stones to make the rhinestone beads, but also choose different colors stones to make the rhinestone beads

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

crystal China beads – cheap imitate swarovski beads

cut crystal china beads
Among the jewelry beads market, many jewelry designers like the swarovski beads, because the swarovski beads are very charming and shining for the cut. However, the cost of the swarovski beads are very costly. Many people will prefer a cheaper beads similar as swarovski beads. So, the Chinese crystal beads now are getting popular day by day since 2003. Crystal china beads can be cut in variety of shapes, sizes, very shining and charming similar as swarovski beads, however, price much cheaper than Swarovski beads.

"You make many sizes, colors, shapes, quality of Chinese crystal beads, can tell us how to order crystal China beads from your factory easily? " John from a beads import company in Mexico asked us.
If you are looking for Chinese crystal beads, or like to order cheap imitate Swarovski beads, below tips may help you. 

Chinese cut triangle China beads
Sizes of the crystal china beads - Chinese crystal beads can be made from 2mm - 30 mm, or larger. So, before you order china crystal beads, you can decide what sizes need. 

Colors of the crystal china beads - There are more than 40 different glass rods to make the Chinese crystal beads, besides these colors, China beads factory can also make full plated China crystal beads, half plated crystal beads, edge plated crystal beads, middle plated crystal beads. 

Shapes of the Crystal China beads - Besides the popular sizes China beads factory make every day, such as plain round crystal beads, faceted round crystal beads, bicone crystal beads, drop crystal beads, square crystal beads, rondelle crystal beads, heart crystal beads...beads factory also make some special shapes crystal beads, such as animal crystal beads, leaf crystal beads...

Quality of the Crystal China beads - Among the faceted round and bicone crystal beads, China beads factory make A Grade, AB Grade, and B Grade. 
flat round millefiori crystal china beads

Further more, from 2008 year, China beads factory make some new Chinese crystal beads - such as millefiori crystal beads, lampwork crystal beads. These new crystal china beads not only like the cut crystal beads, but also like the millefiori beads or lampwork beads. 

Friday, November 23, 2012

What are China beads?

rhinestone skull beads from China beads factory

China is one of the largest jewelry beads source since 1990 year. From the end of last century, many beads factories set up in the mainland of China. Now, many jewelry beads importers order variety of China beads from Chinese beads factory. So what are Chinabeads? Pandora beads usually with large hole, turkey jewelry beads are with eyes on it…and is there a feature for China beadsAt present maybe no. Because there are many different styles of beads make in China, now most people agree that beads make in China are called China beads.
banded rhinestone shamballa beads
from China beads factory

There fore, if you want to order China beads, how to dot that? How to find the China beads you need?
large Chinese cut crystal beads
from China Beads factory
First, you should know what material of China beads need. According to different material of China beads, we can found crystalchina beads, glass pearl china beads, acrylic china beads, resin china beads, ccb china beads, rhinestone china beads, stone china beads, crackle glass chinabeads, metal china beads, millieiori china beads, lampwork glass china beads, cats eye china beads,

After you design the material of China beads, you should choose the shapes/sizes/colors of China beads. Then, you will find the Chinabeads you looking for from the Chinabeads factory.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Shoes with China Beads

In the 21st century, China beads not only for jewelry, but also for shoes decoration, garment decoration...

shoes decorate with rondelle
china beads
Last weekend, I went to the shoes market to buy shoes, high-heeled shoes still be a fashion trend in the Guangzhou, China shoes market. There are many nice design of shoes in the shops, and i found there are many shoes decorate with nice china beads this year.

fashion shoes with rondelle
 crystal china beads
Rondelle crystal beads have been a popular bead since 2010 year in the China beads market. This rondelle beads seems very hot in the shoes market. Some shoes decoration with the rondelle crystal beads in front of the shoes, while some shoes with the rondelle crystal beads in the back. Further more, some shoes beaded with the rondelle crystal beads.
shoes with pearl china beads and rhinestone china beads
Besides the rondelle crystal beads, imitate pearl beads, such as glass pearl beads, plastic pearl beads also popular in the shoe market. Many shoes designers design shoes with pearls.

shoes with China beads
Also, cabochons, rhinestones, resin cabochons are a fashion factor for shoes ornaments. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

How to order plated China Beads

plain round plated China beads
Plated beads is one color among China crystal beads. Plated Chinese crystal beads are very charming as metal beads. Almost all of the Chinese crystal beads can be plated. Now, China beads factory not only make the gold plated crystal beads, silver plated beads, livid plated beads, hematite plated beads, AB plated beads, but also can make blue colorful plated beads, purple colorful plated beads, green plated beads, rainbow plated beads...

There are many different plated China beads, so, if you like to order plated Chinese beads, how can you do? 
1. Tell the China beads factory what color of plated color need, such as gold plated, silver plated...

2. the style of plated China beads. Usually, there are full plated China beads, half plated China beads, middle plated China beads, edge plated China beads. 

half blue colorful plated rondelle beads
from China beads factory
3. If you choose half plated beads, you can also design what color with half plated, and with what color half plated. For example, crystal with half gold, or crystal with half silver...

When use the plated beads to design jewelries, do not scratch the plated beads, then the plated beads will keep in good position. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

4CS in China Beads marketing

drop millefiori crystal beads from
China beads factory
There are mainly 4CS in the marketing - customer, cost, communication, convenience. So does in the China beads marketing. If you know the 4CS in the China beads marketing, you will be good at China beads selling. So, what is 4CS in China Beads marketing.

Customer - this is the China beads buyers or importers. For example, jewelry company, jewelry designers, jewelry beads shop, or any people who buy the China beads. When we market the beads, we not only need to set up beads business with new customers, but also keep contact with old customers.

Cost - it is a main factor with the profit. How to save cost when order China beads from Chinese beads factory? You may consult with the China beads supplier how to order cheap china beads

crackle glass beads
from China beads factory
Communication -  if you are a beads sales, you should know the China beads well, then can communicate with the beads buyer well. For example, if one customer need to buy cheap pearl beads, you can recommend glass pearl beads or plastic pearl beads to him, instead of the freshwater pearl beads. 

Convenience - how to contact with you to order or buy china beads easily. So, if you have a shop, the place of the shop very important. Customers prefer to go to the shop in easier way, not like to go to a shop difficult to find. While, if you have a website for China beads in the internet, your site easy to open and find the different China beads easily, will make visitors place beads order soon. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Design more jewelries by China Beads

glass pearl necklace from
China Beads Factory
Jewelry is a sign of fashion in the world. Everyday, jewelry designers design hundreds of thousands of new jewelries. If you are a jewelry designer, you may need varies of different jewelry accessories to design jewelries. However, sometimes to prepare varies of jewelry accessories, such as china beads, connectors, cabochons, will take long time and have a large cost to get all different accessories. So, how can we do that? Here are some idea from our experienced jewelry designer in China jewelry beads factory.

earring made of rondelle crystal china beads

First, design more different jewelry designs by one or several same china beads. For example, in 2011 and 2012 year, the rondelle crystal beads very hot in the jewelry market, then you can design more jewelry designs by these beads. For example, rondelle rosary necklace, rondelle earrings, rondelle shamballa bracelets...

fashion jewelry made of China beads
Second, use some common sizes/shapes/colors China beads. You can get commons beads cheaper from China beads factory.This will make the cost less.

Third, choose different materials of China beads. For example, when you design a Pandora bracelets, you should get pandora beads. There are many styles of pandora beads you can order from China beads factory. If get same style of pandora beads, price for silver plated grommets pandora beads will be cheaper than 925 silver tube pandora beads.

Five, design more jewelries from what beads you or your China beads supplier in hand. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How to order cheap China beads?

If you are in jewelry beads business, or going to start related beads business, you may looking for beads supplier,specially China beads supplier. Because there are many people in China, and China is the third large country in the world. Due to the abundant resource and labor cost, there are many beads factories in China. That is why now many countries import China beads.
resin China beads

Though there are many China beads you can get from the China beads supplier, but there is one focus many jewelry beads importers concer - how to order cheap China beads? If you would like to get cheap Chinese beads and quality beads, here are some tips from China beads factory.

super grade A Chinese crystal beads
from China beads factory
1. The price of China beads will depend on the material of beads. Generally speaking, if you get same size beads, price will get lower if order latter materials: gold, silver, swarvoski beads, gem stone, rhinestone beads, Chinese crystal beads, cloisonne beads,lampwork beads, metal beads, miracle beads, shell beads,glass pearl beads, crackle glass beads, resin beads, CCB beads, plastic beads...For example, if you need a swarvoski beads, price will be very high, but you found a similar Chinese cut crystal beads, you can get much cheaper.

2. The size of China beads. Usually, for the commons sizes, it will be cheaper for some special sizes, or sizes the beads supplier do not have mould. Like 6mm, 8mm, 10 mm are commons sizes, while 5 mm, 7mm, 10mm are special sizes for some series beads. Therefore, when we design a jewelry, if 5mm, 6 mm and 7 mm are ok, then choose 6mm beads, it will save your cost when order the beads.
Further more, the smaller sizes usually cheaper than bigger sizes, because the material to make smaller sizes less than bigger sizes. However, for some handmade beads - lampwork beads, sometimes smaller sizes will be expensive than bigger sizes, because it is the handmade craft beads, if size too small, it will be difficult to make.

clear crystal pandora beads
from China beads factory
3. The color of China beads. Among the China beads material market, there are some special colors for some beads, such as Chinese crystal beads, rhinestone beads, lampwork glass beads... The rods and materials in pink, red, champagne, peacock, topaz, grey, jade colors are higher than crystal, black colors. So that is why the price of beads in pink, red, champagne, peacock, topaz, grey, jade colors will be higher than other colors. So, if you want to order cheap china beads, you may choose colors like crystal, black, green...Besides, price for plated beads will be higher than non plated beads.

half gold plated round crystal beads
from China beads factory
4.The surface of China beads. For example, the plain round Chinese crystal beads will be cheaper than faceted round Chinese crystal beads, and B Grade faceted round beads cheaper than A Grade faceted Chinese crystal beads.

5.The quantity of China beads. Because freight to send beads from China to other countries, freight will be depend on the weight of the goods. If we just send 1 kg China beads to USA, we can choose DHL, UPS, EMS... Freight will be a little costly for each piece bead. However, if we send 10000 kg China beads to USA, then we can send by ship, freight will be much cheaper than each piece bead.

Do you have any idea to order cheap China beads now? Share your idea with China beads factory any time.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Make Custom rhinestone shamballa beads follow by China beads factory

rhinestone shamballa bracelet
from China beads factory
Shamballa Jewelries have been a mainly popular jewelries in 2012. Among the shamballa jewelries, rhinestone shamballa jewelries is the best seller shamballa jewelries. Rhinestone shamballa beads is the mainly jewelry accessory to make shamballa jewelries. How to make a rhinestone shamballa bead design? Follow China beads factory step by step now.

1. choose the shape of the shamballa beads. Usually, round shape shamballa beads is the most popular. Also, you can choose square shape, or other shapes.

3. choose the size of shamballa beads. 10 mm and 12 mm main sizes. Because shamballa jewelries are knitted by cords, if too small, the hole will be a little small, not easy to get the cord through the hole.

4. choose the materials of the shamballa beads. Now, clay rhinestone shamballa beads is a fashion and nice shamballa beads. Besides the clay rhinestone shamballa beads, you can also choose metal shamballa beads, acrylic rhinestone shamballa beads.

banded rhinestone shamballa beads
from China beads factory
5. choose the designs of the shamballa beads, such as single colors, flowers, banded...

6. choose the colors of the shamballa beads and rhinestone beads.

After finish above, the China beads factory can make your own shamballa beads order for you, and you can design your own shamballa jewelries.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Make Holy Rosaries from China Beads

catholic rosary from China beads rosary
Catholic Rosary is one kind of holy religious jewelry, usually, there are 5 decades for rosary necklaces. Rosaries can be made of different china beads in different material, colors, sizes. Therefore, there are many different designs rosaries can make. So how to make rosaries from China beads?

cats eye china bead rosary from China
1. choose the material of the China beads for the rosaries. Such as glass pearl china beads, plastic china beads, crystal china beads, rhinestone china beads, millefiori China beads, cats eye China beads...

2. The size of the rosary beads. Generally speaking, the 6 mm China beads is the most popular size for rosary beads. Besides the 6 mm China beads, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12 mm also used to make rosaries.

3. Choose the shape of China beads to make the rosaries. Usually, prayers prefer the round rosary beads. Some people also like some special shapes rosaries, such as cube china bead rosaries, bicone china bead rosaries, drop china bead rosaries, heart china bead rosaries...

glass pearl China bead rosary with
bigger father beads wholesale from China
4. The colors of rosary. You can choose same color China beads to make the rosaries. Also, some people prefer different color Father beads with decade beads.

5. The color of eye pins and chains, cross and madonna. There are mainly silver plated, gold plated, bronze plated colors.

6. The design of cross and centerpiece.

Then, a holy rosary can be finish.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Six Tips For How To Build A China Beads Website

In the Twenty-first Century, E-commerce have been a main business. Now, E-commerce is as important as actual shops/companies.

crackle glass beads from China beads factory
Therefore, if you have a shop to sell China beads or in related beads business, you may had built a beads website, or going to build a beads website. If you build a good beads website, your potential beads customers will search easily on the internet, then comes beads business. And how to build a China beads website?
John, a website programmer have more than 10 years experience, share his idea for how to build a China beads website.

1. Decide which style of website. At present, there are mainly two styles of beads website - the display beads website and shopping beads website. The previous one is a website just display your beads on the website, it is a simple beads website, visitors can found all your China beads easily, then contact you to place an order.One of largest Chinese beads factory also show their China beads by this way, you may refer their website - While the latter shopping beads website is customers can order beads directly, this will make customers easy to shop, but sometimes, visitors do not know whether you have in stock or not, and how soon will receive the order, is this website dependable?- you may refer ebay.If you choose to the shopping beads website, you can develop your own mall system, also, you can develop by eshop, zencart, and magento system.

Chinese cut crystal beads wholesale from China beads factory
2. If you sell China beads to the world, it is better to use utf-8 as charset. why? utf-8 is the global charset, will not show messy code in different languages.

3. choose one programming language to build your China beads website. At present, asp,, php are the main language to build websites. 

3. The design of the website, such as main color, the width of webpage( now the 1024 px is the main popular width)

4. choose a domain which easy to remember and register. For example,, it is short for cn short for China, will make people remember they are China beads

5. Tell the programmer what functions need for your China beads site, then he/she can start to work. 

lampwork pandora beads wholesale from China beads factory
shamballa bead bracelet from China beads bracelet
6. After all program finish, get a steady and quickly space for your China beads website, such as United States space. Because if our website in a steady and quickly space, visitors can open and visit our website quickly, otherwise, if the website can not open more than half day, will anyone still interested in visit the site? Besides, google was born in USA, if you get your website in USA, it will better for SEO. 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

How to open a beads shop to sell China beads

If you have been in jewelry beads business, or going to start a beads business, then to open a beads shop to sell your beads is a best choice for many people.
millefiori crystal beads from China beads factroy

Before open a beads shop, we need to have beads supplier to offer us beads. At present, China beads factory will be one of the best beads supplier to offer jewelry beads, because Chinese beads factory make variety of quality beads, such as rhinestone beads, acrylic beads, Chinese crystal beads, glass pearl beads, CCB beads, crackle glass beads, shell beads, glass charm beads,lampwork glass beads...If you have a good China beads supplier, you just need to think how to sell your China beads.
Chinese cut vase crystal beads from China beads factory

Now, let's go to open a beads shop to sell China beads:
1. choose a shop easy for people to go to buy jewelry beads. Generally speaking, shops easy for people to find will be a little expensive than those shops difficult to found. However, if people easy to found and go to your shop, then they will be your potential customers. Therefore, when we found a shop, we should consider the rental and the place.

2. After you choose a shop to sell China beads, you should get a name for your beads shop. It will be better to name the shop related with beads, for example, your name with beads shop, the material with beads shop, the district with beads shop...

plated Chinese crystal beads from China beads factory
3. Then, you can go ahead to decorative the shop. Such as some office machine: telephone, fax machine... And signboard for the beads shop, beads counter, jewelry display... Further more, you can make your shop much harmonious, you may decorate the beads shop with pink color - because for fashion jewelry beads, women will be the main customers;or you may ornament the beads shop with green color, this will may people have a feel of nature.

4. Pull the China beads you order from Chinese beads factory in your shop. When you sell beads, to have enough beads for your customers is very important, also, you can offer different beads in your beads shop will make your customers happy.

How to order China beads from Chinese beads factory

If you are in business of jewelry, or beads, then you will have to look for beads factory as your supplier. At present, China is one of the beads sauce in the world, because there are many different of beads made in China. So when you found a Chinese beads factory, the next and important step is how to order beads.

2013 popular clay rhinestone shamballa beads
At first, you should know what kinds of China beads need. As in the Chinese beads market, there are many different materials, such as Chinese crystal beads, glass pearl beads, acrylic beads, metal beads, rhinestone beads, lampwork glass beads, cats eye beads, shell beads, crackle glass beads...

round plated crystal beads
After you choose the material of China beads, then you should tell us the Chinese beads factory what shapes, sizes, colors need. Because price will be different for different shapes, sizes, colors though we order same material beads. For example, when we talking about the shape of China beads, we can found round , oval, bicone, drop, square, animal, flower, rectangle, heart...( It is better that you tell the beads supplier what material you need to order,for example, Chinese crystal beads, then the beads factory can tell you what they have - if you just say round China beads, then you have to choose the one you need from many beads, such as plain round Chinese crystal beads, round rhinestone beads, round metal beads, round glass pearl beads, round acrylic beads, round gold sand glass beads, round ccb beads...That will take you many time to place an beads order.

When you choose which China beads needed, then you can tell the beads supplier the quantity. A China beads order will be complete, and you make payment for the order and the beads factory make the beads and send to you.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

2013 China Beads Market Trend

China beads jewelry market have been in a main jewelry trend in the world, because there are a huge demand and supply for jewelry beads in China. With 2013 comes day by day, many people what is the jewelry beads trend going? What is the trend for China beads market? As a mainly Chinese beads factory in China, below are some of our opinions would like to share with you.

1. Crystal Rondelle Beads will still keep hot in the coming 2013. Why? These beads can be widely use to make different style of jewelries, such as Shamballa bracelets, catholic rosaries, beaded jewelries, Chan Luu jewelries... There are different sizes, variety of colors and economic price. According to the current market, crystal rondelle beads will be a popular China beads for a long time. 

2. Pandora beads have been full in the market since 2010 year, will it still sell well in 2013? The answer is yes. Now, these European Pandora bead jewelries are  style of jewelry in China jewelry market, similar as Turkey jewelries, catholic jewelries. It may be not as hot as passed 2010 and 2011 year, however, it will be a fashion style jewelry in the jewelry market. Therefor, the pandora beads will be demand in 2013 in China beads market. 

3. In this 2012 year, there comes a new jewelry style, called Shamballa Jewelry in China jewelry market. Shamballa Bracelets is the sign of Shamballa jewelries. Shamballa bracelets mainly made of Clay rhinestone shamballa beads, with knitted cords. Now, we have design more than 350 designs of Shamballa bracelets. From Current China beads orders, Shamballa beads seems keep selling more and more day by day. 

4. Handmade lampwork glass bead is the best seller China beads all the time, so it is no doubt that lampwork beads will sell well in 2013. 

Will some new style beads will come out during 2013 in China beads market? Everyone do not know now because new China beads come out every day, the best way is to keep in touch with Chinese beads factory for China beads trend. 

Shamballa Jewelries - the most popular jewelry in 2012

After the popular Pandora Jewelries in 2011 year, there comes the Shamballa Jewelries in 2012. Now, when you go to the jewelry market, you can find Shamballa  beads, Shamballa bracelets, shamballa earrings, shamballa pendant, shamballa dust plugs...

So what is Shamballa Jewelries? Shamballa Jewelries, also named Tresor Paris Jewelries, mainly made of clay rhinestone beads with cords, it is one style of handmade jewelries. Among the shamballa jewelries, shamballa bracelets is the most popular shamballa jewelries. Because now Shamballa Jewelries very popular, so jewelry designers design other material of Shamballa jewelries, such as metal shamballa bracelets, lampwork glass shamballa bracelets,  crystal shamballa braceltes, resin shamballa bracelets. There is one common among these shamballa bracelets - all shamballa can be adjustable, so many people can wear the bracelts. And there are two beads in the tail with the cords.

Why shamballa jewelries so popular now? Many different designs in different price is the main reason. Though there is one style of shamballa bracelets, there are different materials, shapes, designs, colors,sizes and craft to make the bracelets, so price also different. This makes different people can choose what they like.