Monday, December 17, 2012

make a Chan Luu Bracelets - hot handmade bracelet in 2012

Chan Luu Bracelets

During the past 2012 year, there is one style of hot bracelets - handmade bracelets. You can find handmade shamballa bracelets in the earlier 2012 year, then the chan luu bracelets. These bracelets are all handmade bracelets, made of quality china beads with cords.

single wrap chan luu bracelets
According to different length, chan luu bracelets mainly including the 5 wraps of chan luu bracelets , double wraps and 1 wrap chan luu braclets. 

Because chan luu bracelets  are handmade, therefore, chan luu bracelets can be made of variety of chinese beads, such as gem stone chan luu bracelets, crystal chan luu bracelets, pearl chan luu bracelets. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

How to make lampwork glass beads

handmade bird lampwork glass beads
round China beads
Many years ago, people made handmade glass beads where a torch or lamp is primarily used to melt the glass. So, thay is why these beads namded lampwork glass beads. Further more, some people also called lampwork glass beads as flamworking beads, or torchworking beads.  Lampwork glass bead is one kind of handmade glass bead.

To make quality lampwork glass beads, it require high technology. Different lampwork workers makes different lampwork glass beads, therefore, each lampwork glass beads are uniquie.

glass rods from China beads factory
Then, how to make a lampwork glass bead?
First, prepare the materials, such as glass rods, a metal rod, and torch...

Second, burd the metal rod and glass rods, to make the glass molten and wrap on the metal beads. You can make round lampwork glass beads, or draw some designs on the glass, such as birds, bunny, flowers, leafs, dots...

how to make lampwork glass beads
from China beads factory 
Last, keep the finished lampwork beads inside the sand, make it cool down naturally. 

flower lampwork glass beads
wholesale from China beads factory

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

2013 new crystal beads - China cut millefiori crystal beads

Chinese cut crystal china beads
When we talking about the Chinese crystal beads, most of the beads companies will consider the traditonal crystal beads- very shining like Swarovski beads, but price much cheaper than Swarovski beads. Do you know now there is a new style of crystal china beads very hot since 2012 year? Yes, that is the millefiori crystal beads.
millefiori crystal China beads

These new cut Chinese crystal beads not only like the current Chinese cut crystal beads, with charming cut surrace; but also beautiful like the millefiori glass beads. When you look at the millefiori crystal beads, you will find there are mini flowers inside.

So, what shapes is the most popular millefiori crystal beads? Rondelle beads seems to be a hot shape among many jewelry beads, also the rondelle millelfiori crystal beads. Besides the rondelle crystal millefiori beads, china beads factory had made out other shapes millefiori crystal beads, including drop crystal flower china beads, oval millefiori crystal china beads, heart chinese many flower cut beads...Pandora millefoiri crystal bead is a popular flower crystal beads, too.
large hole millefiori cut china beads
Like to order these nice crystal china beads? Contact Chinese beads factory to order cheap China beads now. 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

how to order rhinestone rondelle beads from China beads factory

rhinestone rondelle beads from
China beads factory
Rondelle beads, also called as tyre beads because the shape of these beads looks like a tyre. Rondelle beads are spacers used to separate decorative beads and jewelry findings. China beads factory make many different style of rondelle beads, such as rhinestonerondelle beads, lampwork rondelle beads, crystal rondelle beads, large hole rondelle beads, metal rondelle beads, plastic rondelle beads… Rhinestone rondelle beads have been widely use in jewelry market since 1999. Also, there are many different designs of rhinestone rondelle beads, if you want to order rondelle rhinestone beads, how to talk with the beads factory?

Tell the China beads factory the size of rondelle rhinestone beads you need- mainly the diameter of the rondelle beads.
flower rondelle rhinestone beads
from China beads factory

Besides the sizes, you should also tell the beads factory the shape of the rondelle rhinestone beads, such as small hole or large hole, and the edge of the rhinestone beads. Though rondelle rhinestone beads are in the tyre shape, the edge can be make in different – now, there are many two edges for the rondelle rhinestone beads- the flower shape and round shape.

large hole rondelle rhinestone beads
from China beads factory
Further more, the color of rhinestone rondelle beads is very important. Rhinestone rondelle beads including two parts – the metal and stones. For the metal, we can choose gold plated color, silver plated color, copper plated color, gun black plated colors. Regarding the stones, we can refer the Chinese crystal beads colors. Because there are usually more than one stones on one rhinestone rondelle beads, so you can not only choose same color stones to make the rhinestone beads, but also choose different colors stones to make the rhinestone beads

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

crystal China beads – cheap imitate swarovski beads

cut crystal china beads
Among the jewelry beads market, many jewelry designers like the swarovski beads, because the swarovski beads are very charming and shining for the cut. However, the cost of the swarovski beads are very costly. Many people will prefer a cheaper beads similar as swarovski beads. So, the Chinese crystal beads now are getting popular day by day since 2003. Crystal china beads can be cut in variety of shapes, sizes, very shining and charming similar as swarovski beads, however, price much cheaper than Swarovski beads.

"You make many sizes, colors, shapes, quality of Chinese crystal beads, can tell us how to order crystal China beads from your factory easily? " John from a beads import company in Mexico asked us.
If you are looking for Chinese crystal beads, or like to order cheap imitate Swarovski beads, below tips may help you. 

Chinese cut triangle China beads
Sizes of the crystal china beads - Chinese crystal beads can be made from 2mm - 30 mm, or larger. So, before you order china crystal beads, you can decide what sizes need. 

Colors of the crystal china beads - There are more than 40 different glass rods to make the Chinese crystal beads, besides these colors, China beads factory can also make full plated China crystal beads, half plated crystal beads, edge plated crystal beads, middle plated crystal beads. 

Shapes of the Crystal China beads - Besides the popular sizes China beads factory make every day, such as plain round crystal beads, faceted round crystal beads, bicone crystal beads, drop crystal beads, square crystal beads, rondelle crystal beads, heart crystal beads...beads factory also make some special shapes crystal beads, such as animal crystal beads, leaf crystal beads...

Quality of the Crystal China beads - Among the faceted round and bicone crystal beads, China beads factory make A Grade, AB Grade, and B Grade. 
flat round millefiori crystal china beads

Further more, from 2008 year, China beads factory make some new Chinese crystal beads - such as millefiori crystal beads, lampwork crystal beads. These new crystal china beads not only like the cut crystal beads, but also like the millefiori beads or lampwork beads. 

Friday, November 23, 2012

What are China beads?

rhinestone skull beads from China beads factory

China is one of the largest jewelry beads source since 1990 year. From the end of last century, many beads factories set up in the mainland of China. Now, many jewelry beads importers order variety of China beads from Chinese beads factory. So what are Chinabeads? Pandora beads usually with large hole, turkey jewelry beads are with eyes on it…and is there a feature for China beadsAt present maybe no. Because there are many different styles of beads make in China, now most people agree that beads make in China are called China beads.
banded rhinestone shamballa beads
from China beads factory

There fore, if you want to order China beads, how to dot that? How to find the China beads you need?
large Chinese cut crystal beads
from China Beads factory
First, you should know what material of China beads need. According to different material of China beads, we can found crystalchina beads, glass pearl china beads, acrylic china beads, resin china beads, ccb china beads, rhinestone china beads, stone china beads, crackle glass chinabeads, metal china beads, millieiori china beads, lampwork glass china beads, cats eye china beads,

After you design the material of China beads, you should choose the shapes/sizes/colors of China beads. Then, you will find the Chinabeads you looking for from the Chinabeads factory.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Shoes with China Beads

In the 21st century, China beads not only for jewelry, but also for shoes decoration, garment decoration...

shoes decorate with rondelle
china beads
Last weekend, I went to the shoes market to buy shoes, high-heeled shoes still be a fashion trend in the Guangzhou, China shoes market. There are many nice design of shoes in the shops, and i found there are many shoes decorate with nice china beads this year.

fashion shoes with rondelle
 crystal china beads
Rondelle crystal beads have been a popular bead since 2010 year in the China beads market. This rondelle beads seems very hot in the shoes market. Some shoes decoration with the rondelle crystal beads in front of the shoes, while some shoes with the rondelle crystal beads in the back. Further more, some shoes beaded with the rondelle crystal beads.
shoes with pearl china beads and rhinestone china beads
Besides the rondelle crystal beads, imitate pearl beads, such as glass pearl beads, plastic pearl beads also popular in the shoe market. Many shoes designers design shoes with pearls.

shoes with China beads
Also, cabochons, rhinestones, resin cabochons are a fashion factor for shoes ornaments.