Monday, December 17, 2012

make a Chan Luu Bracelets - hot handmade bracelet in 2012

Chan Luu Bracelets

During the past 2012 year, there is one style of hot bracelets - handmade bracelets. You can find handmade shamballa bracelets in the earlier 2012 year, then the chan luu bracelets. These bracelets are all handmade bracelets, made of quality china beads with cords.

single wrap chan luu bracelets
According to different length, chan luu bracelets mainly including the 5 wraps of chan luu bracelets , double wraps and 1 wrap chan luu braclets. 

Because chan luu bracelets  are handmade, therefore, chan luu bracelets can be made of variety of chinese beads, such as gem stone chan luu bracelets, crystal chan luu bracelets, pearl chan luu bracelets. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

How to make lampwork glass beads

handmade bird lampwork glass beads
round China beads
Many years ago, people made handmade glass beads where a torch or lamp is primarily used to melt the glass. So, thay is why these beads namded lampwork glass beads. Further more, some people also called lampwork glass beads as flamworking beads, or torchworking beads.  Lampwork glass bead is one kind of handmade glass bead.

To make quality lampwork glass beads, it require high technology. Different lampwork workers makes different lampwork glass beads, therefore, each lampwork glass beads are uniquie.

glass rods from China beads factory
Then, how to make a lampwork glass bead?
First, prepare the materials, such as glass rods, a metal rod, and torch...

Second, burd the metal rod and glass rods, to make the glass molten and wrap on the metal beads. You can make round lampwork glass beads, or draw some designs on the glass, such as birds, bunny, flowers, leafs, dots...

how to make lampwork glass beads
from China beads factory 
Last, keep the finished lampwork beads inside the sand, make it cool down naturally. 

flower lampwork glass beads
wholesale from China beads factory

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

2013 new crystal beads - China cut millefiori crystal beads

Chinese cut crystal china beads
When we talking about the Chinese crystal beads, most of the beads companies will consider the traditonal crystal beads- very shining like Swarovski beads, but price much cheaper than Swarovski beads. Do you know now there is a new style of crystal china beads very hot since 2012 year? Yes, that is the millefiori crystal beads.
millefiori crystal China beads

These new cut Chinese crystal beads not only like the current Chinese cut crystal beads, with charming cut surrace; but also beautiful like the millefiori glass beads. When you look at the millefiori crystal beads, you will find there are mini flowers inside.

So, what shapes is the most popular millefiori crystal beads? Rondelle beads seems to be a hot shape among many jewelry beads, also the rondelle millelfiori crystal beads. Besides the rondelle crystal millefiori beads, china beads factory had made out other shapes millefiori crystal beads, including drop crystal flower china beads, oval millefiori crystal china beads, heart chinese many flower cut beads...Pandora millefoiri crystal bead is a popular flower crystal beads, too.
large hole millefiori cut china beads
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