Thursday, November 29, 2012

how to order rhinestone rondelle beads from China beads factory

rhinestone rondelle beads from
China beads factory
Rondelle beads, also called as tyre beads because the shape of these beads looks like a tyre. Rondelle beads are spacers used to separate decorative beads and jewelry findings. China beads factory make many different style of rondelle beads, such as rhinestonerondelle beads, lampwork rondelle beads, crystal rondelle beads, large hole rondelle beads, metal rondelle beads, plastic rondelle beads… Rhinestone rondelle beads have been widely use in jewelry market since 1999. Also, there are many different designs of rhinestone rondelle beads, if you want to order rondelle rhinestone beads, how to talk with the beads factory?

Tell the China beads factory the size of rondelle rhinestone beads you need- mainly the diameter of the rondelle beads.
flower rondelle rhinestone beads
from China beads factory

Besides the sizes, you should also tell the beads factory the shape of the rondelle rhinestone beads, such as small hole or large hole, and the edge of the rhinestone beads. Though rondelle rhinestone beads are in the tyre shape, the edge can be make in different – now, there are many two edges for the rondelle rhinestone beads- the flower shape and round shape.

large hole rondelle rhinestone beads
from China beads factory
Further more, the color of rhinestone rondelle beads is very important. Rhinestone rondelle beads including two parts – the metal and stones. For the metal, we can choose gold plated color, silver plated color, copper plated color, gun black plated colors. Regarding the stones, we can refer the Chinese crystal beads colors. Because there are usually more than one stones on one rhinestone rondelle beads, so you can not only choose same color stones to make the rhinestone beads, but also choose different colors stones to make the rhinestone beads

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